Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Suite Plus

Why use the Oracle product family:

Oracle has the largest SSO implementation on the market. With the acquisition of Passlogix, Oracle bought the top solution for SSO. The quality of this product makes it the best of breed and most mature product on the market.
Gatux Solutions has been an integration partner of the Passlogix product for several years. We now have the opportunity to leverage that alliance with Oracle. With our experience and reliability, we are the ultimate team for your company’s SSO deployment.


What are the benefits of using SSO:

With Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Logon Manager, your company reduces operating costs while increasing the security of all applications maintained by the agent. Combined with a user provisioning system, the SSO can completely handle password management and exclude user interaction from the process. To do so increases user satisfaction and reduces downtime of users related to password management.

Another major advantage for a corporation to use SSO is the ability to increase password complexity and password change frequency. The SSO agent can randomize passwords and create complex passwords.

With Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Password Reset, you get the dream tool for your help desk agent. Users can unlock their account or change their password by themselves without delays or help desk interaction. Before using the service, the user needs to enrol in a user quiz with fully configurable questions. When the user needs to unlock his credentials or simply change his password, he just has to use the logon snippet attached to the GINA and connect to the SSPR web site to unlock/change his credentials.
The return on investment is very quick because the savings are twofold: less calls to the help desk and less time lost for the user. This is your 24/7 password watch in a self service.

With Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Authentication Manager, you can combine the flexibility of SSO with a second factor authenticator like smart cards, biometrics, RFID cards, etc. This way, not only do you have the best password management system but you also get the best security possible on the market today.

With Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Provisioning Gateway, you have the enterprise provisioning system to deliver credentials to the agent without user interaction. This powerful tool can easily be connected to a vast quantity of IDM systems via 3 interfaces: java, .Net or command line interface (CLI).

With Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Kiosk Manager, you get the ultimate fast user switching product on the market. Usage of a generic desktop can be drastically changed to leverage SSO functionality for all users connecting to the desktop. With a fully configurable change of ownership process and minimal delay, you can have multiple users alternately working on the same workstation using their own sets of credentials.